The Largest Epidemic in Baseball

Tommy John surgery has become the most prominent procedure among baseball players and has increased up to 700% in the last decade; most of which were high schoolers. What Dr. James Andrews has to say about the #1 risk factors.Click here

Largest Epidemic in Baseball -  John Smoltz Hall of Fame Speech emphasizes the current epidemic in baseball and how young players are being forced to play year round and attend showcase. Overuse injuries are unnecessary and should not be happening to our youth players.                    Click Here for his full Hall of Fame Induction Speech.

Tommy John himself speaks out against the Tommy John Surgery                Click here for full article

Click here to read Driveline's explanation of the Motus 3D wearable technology  used to collect data.


Perfect Timing: The Kinetic Arm sleeve can be a crucial tool in the workload management of a player by optimizing training load and performance. The arm sleeve was designed to offload stress experienced at the shoulder and elbow during throwing.

CLINICAL RELEVANCE   A recent scientific study was conducted using The Perfect Arm (aka Kinetic Arm) on pitchers throwing at full effort showed the arm sleeve decreased elbow Varus torque up to 30% while maintaining ball velocity.  When the sleeve was removed and players threw full effort, elbow Varus torque remained at a reduced level and ball velocity was 4% greater than the baseline throws, demonstrating a likely carry-over effect of the Kinetic Arm sleeve. The Kinetic Arm sleeve unlocks a novel approach to the management of the overhead athlete for training and rehabilitation. Click here  for more information.

Since 1974 there have not been any innovations in baseball to protect the throwing arm and reduce the risk if injury. Despite the implementation of pitch counts, inning limits, and throwing progressions, arm injuries are still on the rise. This stress reduction sleeve will be the most important part of workload management for athletes, as well as a crucial tool in return to sport throwing programs post injury."

- Jason Colleran, Founder of The Kinetic Arm