MuscleWeb™ Technology



THE TECHNOLOGY:    The Perfect Arm™ is a protective sleeve that utilizes MuscleWeb™ Technology, the first engineered external assistance support system that mimics anatomic muscle function. The MuscleWeb™ Technology embedded in the sleeve has been proven to reduce stress that leads to excess wear and tear associated with the majority of elbow and shoulder injuries.


THE DESIGN:  This unique patented design is flexible and adjustable to synchronize with any throwing motion.  The sleeve is designed to support the arm and absorb stress, without restricting motion. It offers an extra layer of protection to the arm by reinforcing and stabilizing joints during throwing mechanics.  Giving athletes a workload management tool to use on and off the field.  


THE SCIENCE: The Perfect Arm™ has been tested in sports labs in the U.S. for over half a decade. All testing has been conducted with the highest standards of wearable 3D sensor technology.  The data collected has been analyzed by both medical and research professionals.  The reports and trial data conclude that wearing this sleeve will significantly decrease elbow torque and stress during throwing mechanics.  Thus, making this the first arm stress reduction sleeve available to athletes. 

Click here for more info:  The Examination of the Perfect Arm and Its Effects on Throwing Mechanics/Abstract 2019